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               3rd Annual Women of Life Changing “Seminar and Dance.”



My vision is to heal the mind through the personal Empowerment of life experiences and the body and soul through the art of dance.


Host by: Justine Love Formely WPGC


 This seminar is about three women with different situations but similar issues. 


 These three women have crossed that dark road of obstacles and would love to share their testimony with the world.  Battling with Lupus, Homeless and struggling to fight against Violences on the street for the lost of a child  are some of the challenges this women face daily. 


Other challenges include physical struggles and being tormented mentally and physically by their outer appearances.   Despite all the challenges these three women  encounter they still remained happy. 


Throughout the seminar, the audience will be captivated by watching performers perform. Mitchell Kelly, from “So You Think You Can Dance" he  also appeared on Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Jeff Majors an American inspirational Jazz musician

Taratibu Youth dance company


Simone Posey dance with " New York City Dance Arts"(NYCDA) Company and Chloe Arnold Apartment 33 Tap Company" She also featured in R. Kelly video "Cookie." Simone Posey  graduated from Towson  University 2013.


Oscar Hawkins Dancer,Ballet Master, Choreographer, he is a native of Brandywine, Maryland, he attended Duke Ellington School of the performing Arts. . Oscar has received critical acclaim for his choreography " Strange Fruit" ( dance to the vocals of Billie Holliday) and Cris D'Enfant" written and sung by Oscar Hawkins.


Kenneth Sneed Jr is an  up and coming Artists with an old soulful R&B sound from Morgan State University renowned choir Keep your eye out for this new star with his outstanding voice Kenneth has performed at local school graduation ceremonies, Restaurants, Boy and Girls, events and that's just to name a few.


Founder-   Stacy Sneed-Sarcoidosis, 

Guest Speaker-Formely WPCG Justine Love

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