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Stacy Sneed is a resident from Charles County, Maryland. Stacy Sneed was born in Philadelphia, PA. She moved to Alabama to pursue her education. After graduating, she decided to move to Maryland to further her Education in Mass Communication with a minor in theatre. Stacy Sneed is married with three children. Her husband Kenneth E. Sneed, daughter Sarita Sneed and two sons Kenneth E. Sneed, Jr. and Kevon E. Sneed.

Stacy Sneed is an entertainment booking agent and the CEO/Founder of Women of Life Changing, Inc. She has worked closely with numerous entertainers in the entertainment business. She was featured in the Afro-American Newspaper, the Southern Maryland Newspaper, and a Guest host on WHUR –FM 96.3 radio station in Washington D.C.,  Guest Co-Host on WBGR-Gospel Network in Lanham Maryland and a Guest host on Praise104.1 FM in Silver Spring Maryland. Stacy was just featured in the Nationalblackguide media/News Company,  the Empeccable Magazine under the unparalleled category and she was also able to include over 90 Sarcoidosis Warrior and supporter to also be featured in the October and November's 2019  edition of the magazine with her.  


Stacy Sneed is very passionate about the needs and goals to help people with life changing situation from all walks of life. She found professional success after having a fundraiser on Stomping out HIV-AIDS through Hip-Hop in Charles County Maryland. She also brings the community together for fundraisers for women living in the woods and in homeless shelters by donating business attire for those women who are transitioning back into the career world.


Stacy Sneed enjoys giving back to the community by helping out with Sarcoidosis and many other Autoimmune Diseases. She’s a 19-year Sarcoidosis survivor who is dedicated to spreading awareness for this mystery disease that many people are unaware of. Stacy Sneed also donate M.A.C purple makeup and Massage Envy gifts to sarcoidosis survivors worldwide. She’s also a motivational speaker for “Sarcoidosis"  where she travels from states to states to speak on behalf of Sarcoidosis.


Stacy Sneed also came up with the “Purple Makeup Movement” This movement helps women to feel beautiful about themselves. As a victim of facial deformities due to Sarcoidosis.  Stacy Sneed self-esteem was challenged daily, so this movement is what helps Sarcoidosis Survivors accept who they are despite the many challenges they have to endure regularly. She has also come up with another movement called the "Purple Shirt and Tie movement” for men living with Sarcoidosis. Stacy is also launching a powerful movement called Hashtag #1001 Sarcoidosis Women and men fighting for a cure.


Stacy Sneed enjoy spending time with her family and closest friends she also enjoys cooking, Musicals stage plays, traveling, reading, concerts and meeting people.


Her new book should be coming out soon.































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