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Founder and Sarcoidosis Survivor: Stacy Sneed

"My vision is to heal the mind through the personal empowerment of life experiences and the body and soul through the art of dance."  


Women of Life Changing Seminar and Dance is a vision that I received from God while battling a horrific disease called Sarcoidosis.


Sarcoidosis is a disease which affects the organs, such as the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, heart, eyes, skin, and other soft tissue. It affects your ability to breathe, talk, walk and sometimes write. It changes your life dramatically.  When I was diagnosed in 2000, this disease had a major impact on my life, my husbands and my children not only did it affect my organs and my skin it changed my outer appearance as well.  I was bullied for many years because people didn't understand why I looked the way I looked instead of asking me question such as; Why your nose look like that or what happen, to at least educate themselves, they decided to make a joke out of my illness. I spent many years in a struggle mentally and physically to beat this illness.


 Finally, I realized that I needed to take charge of my life. I had to educate myself about this disease. I began to incorporate exercise, healthier eating, and daily prayer into my life and try to remain stress-free, I turned everything about this disease from negative to positive I was determined to win.  Eventually, the disease went into remission, which is why I am sharing my testimony. I decided to reach out to other women who have had challenges in their lives and who were also ready and willing to share their testimony in hopes that they may inspire others. 


I am here to tell you, its sadden to say that Sarcoidosis decided to come back 2016.  Stress, Depression and Anxiety  played an major factor in my life which made my illness flare-up and get out of control. I was constantly fighting a battle for two years straight without letting God do it for me. 


I encourage everyone who's reading this story to keep your faith in God because he is the only one to control your life.  Some situations are not worth losing your mind or your health for which I almost did.  I will continue to fight against all negative spirits that came across my path. I will become a warrior in my destiny once again and nothing will stop me.


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