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"Golden Butterfly Recipient Honorary"
Brooke Harris
"Massage Envy Gift Card"

Women of Life Changing, Inc.  would like to honor Brooke Harris as the  "Golden Butterfly Recipient Honorary"  and winner of the Massage Envy gift card for the month of February.


We had  many submissions entered with heartfelt stories to share, however, Brooke's strength and willingness to keep striving despite the many obstacles she faced, shared a lot of light on our decision.

She resides in Charles County, Maryland and she's a wonderful mother of two amazing  sons.  Brooke has been through many life changing situations, to include moving to the area 10 years ago not knowing anyone but she weathered the storm and came out stronger than she thought she could.


A few years ago she went through a divorce, making her feel a sense of emptiness and failure, but during that time she was able to re-evaluate her life, find herself, and discover what truly makes her happy. She purchased her own home, has a successful career, and maintains a friendly relationship with her sons father. Choosing to co-parent rather than fight. But it was also during this time of separation and divorce that she lost her mother to cancer and her grandmother shortly after. 


 Losing the two most important women in her life was devastating, however she chose to keep her head up, knowing that these women were looking down on her and supporting her every decision. She chose to be strong, happy, and appreciate every day...showing her boys that through all obstacles and tough times, there is peace, laughter, and happiness.


She strives to give back to the community, most importantly, the women of this county who need it most.  Through the many obstacles Brooke had to endure, she never gave up on hope and the faith to persevere through it all. 

Philippian's 4:13 (13) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

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