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"Golden Butterfly Recipient Honorary"
Antoinette Larie Bailey
"Friday's (TGIF) Gift Card winner"

Women of Life Changing, Inc.  would like to honor Antoinette Larie Bailey as the  "Golden Butterfly Recipient Honorary" and winner of the Friday's

( TGIF) gift card for the month of April.


We had  many submissions entered with heartfelt stories to share, however, Antoinette Larie Bailey willingness and fight to keep striving despite so many obstacles she endured, shared a lot of light on our decision. This is Antoinette Larie Bailey Story she courageously love to share with the world.



As an African Indian American, I fight Sarcoidosis now in Stage #4 Pulmonary Sarc with my lungs being irreparable by man but only God will heal in His time. It started over 18 yrs. ago (diagnosed 2001)  in my skin, lymph nodes, lungs, stomach and eyes; in that order. Sarcoidosis brought on Diabetes (insulin dependant), Diverticulitis, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus . I'm the only one in my family living with this besides my brother who only has it in his skin: But he's been in remission for many years now and we have different Father's.


I believe my walk with the Lord God is sustaining me and that His Grace is sufficient. He has shined in my life despite what my body is living with!!! He has blessed me with believing Doctors in my life!!! To God Be The Glory For My Story... I've been through 3 or 4 near deaths, 16 surgeries, several lifestyle changes -divorce, homelessness,1 rebellious daughter, loss of my Father & Grandmother while battling with this Disease, cared for my twin grandson's when my daughter was in prison, fired off 3 job's, misunderstood by all except my Mother and Children. Satan is an accuser of the brethren; well I accuse Satan for all this not my brethren!


The Lord God didn't allow Satan to kill me. I choose to forgive my family & friends even some Medical staff. I choose to Love the unlovable having been loved by the Lover of my soul while I was a sinner: There lies in His sustaining Grace! :-D I have tasted His fruit and it is healing to my soul. God is keeping me and making me as pure gold in this fiery fight!!! TGBTG, I have some low's and highs. I've had so many good things like miracles happen to me in my life! Walking with God!!! I'll never walk alone, never give in, never give up! For I'm holding the hand of the cure, Jesus Christ! The Great Physician is going to provide a medicinal cure for Sarcoidosis, Lupus and Diabetes!!! So let it be! Glory Hallelujah to The Lord God Almighty!!!

Jeremiah 33:6  (6) Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.

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