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                                                                                   2nd Annual Event 

2015 Women of Life Changing-Host & Keynote speakers




Host: Justine Love-Former WPGC-Keynote Speaker-On Stress

Former Director Of Community & Public Affairs, WPGC-FM and AM Radio Station





















Shantuana Nelson, MA


Ms. Nelson is a graduate of Bowie State University, an educator, journalist, and health advocate from Prince Georges County, MD. During the summer of 2013 Ms. Nelson began experiencing numbness and tingling in her legs, fingers, and torso. After two months of various test and visits with several doctors, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disease of the central nervous system which disrupts the flow of information between the brain and body causing chronic pain, severe fatigue, and weakness. Since being diagnosed with MS, Ms. Nelson has become an advocate for the disease, raising awareness about MS through public speaking and social media. Ms. Nelson’s goal, while maintaining a positive attitude with her condition, is to motivate and inspire others living with various chronic and debilitating illnesses. 














Keynote Speaker-Domestic Violence


Shannon Whren is many things, a writer, a director  an activist, and most importantly a survivor of Domestic Violence.

Stageplay writer for " Bound & Gagged"















HIV-AIDS-Keynote Speaker

Pat Nalls Founder & Executive Director, The Women’s Collective

she is a community AIDS activist, locally and nationally, for the rights of women living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

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