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Wendell Irby Disability Grant

The Wendell Irby Grant-Founded in 2017-Wendell Irby passed away from "Sarcoidosis" July 5th 2016.  Despite his many challenges with Sarcoidosis  Wendell Irby remained hopeful. Wendell loved making jokes, eating good food and  spending time with his family and friend  He was a true advocate for Sarcoidosis.

The purpose of this Grant  program is to provide support to individuals that are legal residents of the United States of America, who have been diagnosed with or treated for Sarcoidosis, or any other chronic, or life threatening disease.


The Disability “Sarcoidosis” Grant  ranging from $200.00-$1,000.00 and  it will be awarded to people with a medical condition.


The recipient will be awarded at the  " Women of  Life Changing Seminar and Dance."


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1.     One-page typed essay describing how you overcame a personal challenge or adversity in         your life and how it changed you.

2.    Recipient is a U.S Citizen.

3.    A doctors statement confirming the disability you have

4.    Three references

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